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Owners, Renters and Guests: Often issues come up after hours like the elevator is not working or there is a water leak. Management can be reached after hours.   If you need to contact them, call (239) 463-6080 and follow the instructions for an emergency.  Thank you.  



One of the questions, we often get is where is the recycling area? It is located near Estero Boulevard directly across from the office between Sandarac II’s carwash and the Bike and Bulk Area.  Boxes should be broken down. No plastic bags should be placed in dumpsters.      

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When rainy season arrives, it means storms, especially in the afternoon.  Lightning can strike a person from 10 miles away. Please stay safe. We ask everyone to leave the pool area and the beach during stormy conditions.    For more information about lightning, Lightning Facts.    

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The Bulk Recycling Area has become a catch all for everyone’s stuff. The only items that should be placed in this area is big items that cannot fit in the dumpster. Glassware, décor, bedding, etc. should be put in the dumpster.



  FLOOD INSURANCE CERTIFICATE REQUEST FOR BANKS AND MORTGAGE COMPANIES REQUESTS FOR CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE SENT TO: Kristin Dontigney, Direct: 239.274.1410 or by email at  Our flood policy renews on May 1st each year. Some mortgage & insurance companies require association flood policy information.  PLEASE INCLUDE: Association’s Name Owner’s Name & Address Mortgage’s Name/Address/Fax… Read More FLOOD INSURANCE