The Sandarac, Building A


Upcoming Meetings: Oct. 9, 9 am, Dec. 11, 9 am, Budget Review, Feb. 5, 2024, Annual Owner’s Meeting, Feb. 5, 2024

Angelo Riccobono, President Term Expires 2024
Carol Barbieri, VP, Term Expires 2025
Dave Warrington Treasurer, Term Expires 2025
Kathy McConnell, Secretary Term Expires 2024
Kelly Hartman, At LargeTerm Expires 2025

In addition to their Board responsibilities, due to the mass responsibility of remediation, the Board Members have been assigned specific duties.

  • Continued collaboration regarding the building, vendors, insurance – Angelo Riccobono
  • Property Manager’s office – Kelly Hartman
  • Contents of the Sandarac office – equipment, furniture, finishes – Carol Barbieri
  • Pool, deck, fence, furniture – Dave Warrington 
  • All communication will go through Kathy McConnell