Turtle Season runs from May 1st-October 31st. Remember Turtles are protected by local, State and Federal laws. Each summer, we must follow some rules regarding the turtles. Below are the tips to follow regarding the turtles.

  1. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR WINDOWS ARE COVERED AT NIGHT TO SHIELD LIGHTS FROM THE BEACH.  Please turn off or shield all lights visible from the beach including balcony lights. Direct lights downward.
  2. Use a Certified Wildlife Friendly Fixture with an Amber LED bulb.
  3. Never shine a flashlight or use flash photography near a sea turtle.
  4. Remove all beach furniture, tents and toys each evening.
  5. Fill in holes dug on the beach …. they can trap hatchlings.
  6. If you find a hatchling in the daytime, please place it in a dry container and call Turtle Time, Inc. immediately: (239) 481-5566.
  7. For more sea turtle information, please visit turtletime.org.
    Sea Turtle Lighting Technical Report



Turtle Time

Turtle nesting season in Ft. Myers Beach runs from May through October, and it’s important to be vigilant and cautious when walking on the beach during this time to avoid disturbing nests or hatchlings. Consider joining a guided turtle walk with a local nature center to learn more about these amazing creatures and their nesting habits, or volunteer with a turtle monitoring organization to help protect and track their progress. Remember to always follow beach rules and regulations, including properly disposing of trash and avoiding the use of lights or flash photography near nesting sites.


Turtle Nesting