Rules and Regs



The Board of Directors of the Sandarac has established the following rules and regulations effective April 18, 2018. These rules and regulations are based upon courtesy, security, consideration of others, and common sense and are intended to ensure the safety of you, your family, and fellow occupants. We ask that owners, renters, and guests bear in mind that The Sandarac Association, Inc. is a residential condominium; it is not a resort hotel; therefore, these rules and regulations must be observed. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all Rules and Regulations are enforced. Violation of these Rules and Regulations may result in fines as set forth by the Board of Directors. For questions regarding these Rules and Regulations, please contact the Property Manager.




  1. The Board of Directors may impose fines against the unit owner for non-compliance by owners or renters of these rules or condominium documents.
  2. Complaints regarding the services on common or limited common areas of the condominium shall be made in writing to the Board of Directors or the management.
  3. Entrance doors must be kept closed and locked at all times. Doors may not be propped open. Please clean off the sand from your feet and clothing before entering walkways or elevators.
  4. Stairways and walkways must remain unobstructed at all times. Walkways may not be used for storage. Decorations, towels, laundry, swimwear, beach toys, etc. cannot be placed on the railings or unit porches where they will be visible from the exterior of your unit. Dusting of rugs, etc. from walkways and balconies is prohibited. No objects may be thrown from walkways or windows.
  5. No items can be put in common hall areas. This includes décor such as plants and chairs. Exception is made for the alcove area in front of a unit’s entrance door.
  6. All common areas inside and outside including storage closets must be used only for association purposes. No articles belonging to vendors, owners, tenants or guests may be kept inside association storage.
  7. Garbage and trash chutes are located on each floor. Secure garbage in plastic bags; break up large boxes or, if too bulky, carry garbage to the trash bin located on the ground floor and place in dumpsters. Use trash chutes between the hours of 8:00am to 10:00pm only. Recycling bins for newspaper, plastic, glass and cans are located in the parking lot near the front.
  8. Do not throw glass down the trash chutes at any time. Take glass items to the trash bin or recycling center located on the ground floor.
  9. No cooking is permitted on the unit porches or common areas of the condominium, other than on the gas grill(s) installed by the Association.
  10. No fire of any kind is permitted on Sandarac property, including the beach.
  11. No owner, renter or guest is permitted on the roof of the building at any time.
  12. No owner, renter or guest shall direct, supervise or in any manner attempt to assert any control over any of the employees of the Association, nor shall he attempt to send any of such employees upon private business of such owner, renter or guest.
  13. Children must be supervised at all times. Roller skates, roller shoes and skateboards are not allowed on walkways. The Board or their designated representative has the authority to require that an owner, guest, tenant, or other adult responsible for child/children will remove the child from the common areas if the child’s behavior necessitates such action.
  14. The riding of bikes, motorized scooters, roller skates, skateboards, or the throwing of objects (balls, Frisbees®, etc.) are not permitted in the pool, parking spaces, walkways, elevators, or other common areas. Store bikes in recycling area after registering them with management.
  15. Drones may not be used on association property unless it is being used for association business. Drones are allowed on the beach only, not on the property, near the pool or not in the parking lot of Sandarac.




  1. It is expected that all owners/renters use their assigned numbered parking space for their first vehicle and marked visitor parking space for their second vehicle, if one exists. Visitor parking spaces are utilized on a first-come, first-serve-basis. No owner/renter is allowed to park more than two (2) vehicles on the premises.  As a courtesy to visitors of Sandarac, it is strongly expected that owners park their second car as far away from the main entrances as possible. Extended use of more than 72 hours by the same owner/renter vehicle parked near the entrance of each building is discouraged and will be monitored. All vehicles must display a Sandarac parking permit or temporary parking pass. The parking of campers, mini-homes, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. is not permitted. In general, no vehicle will be permitted that exceeds the dimensions of the assigned, numbered parking space. Under no circumstances may any vehicle be used for living quarters. Contact the manager for other situations that may arise from time to time. There is a vehicle maximum limit of two vehicles per condo. 
  2. 10 M.P.H. speed limits in the parking area are mandatory.
  3. Any vehicle that is over 7 feet tall, excluding attachments, 88 inches wide, or is over 7500 lbs. (actual vehicle weight), or is over 20 feet in length, is considered an over-sized vehicle and must be parked in the over-sized designated parking.  See property map or property manager for locations.




  1. Service animals and emotional support animals are permitted to be kept on the condominium property with prior written consent of the Board of Directors. Owners of units may keep a reasonable number of approved pets within their unit but only after having made a written request to the Board of Directors and having received written approval to keep such animals. Such request shall include a photograph of the animal and a veterinarian’s letter documenting the animal’s age, breed and vaccination status, to the extent applicable. All owners and guests requesting permission for an emotional support animal must adhere to this same approval process, in addition to providing medical documentation.
  2. Other animals that must be approved by the Board of Directors are limited to no more than two (2) indoor house cat, two (2) small birds in cages, and a reasonable number of tropical fish in an aquarium no larger than twenty (20) gallons.
  3. Dogs and exotic animals are expressly prohibited from being kept on the Condominium property.
  4. Unit owners that have an approved pet on the Condominium Property must register their pet with the Association as provided above.
  5. Owners, guests and tenants of units may not, under any circumstances, keep pets on the Condominium Property unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. Any pet, which becomes a nuisance, shall be immediately and permanently removed from the Condominium property following written notice by the Board of Directors.
  7. Owners are required to pick up after their pets when on Condominium Property and the failure to do so will result in fines being imposed by the Association as provided by the Condominium Act.
  8. Animals must be kept on a six foot or less leash at all times when on common areas of Sandarac property.




  1. For security purposes, the office is requesting that owners who are not full-time residents, check in with the office upon arrival of Sandarac property.
  2. Unit doors: Each unit has a unique key. No unit owner may have his lock re-keyed or replaced without first notifying management and must provide management with a copy of the new key. For keyless entry systems, security codes must be provided. In case of emergency, locksmith will be called and hired to open the door at owner’s expense.
  3. When unit is unoccupied, owner may keep thermostat at a setting not higher than 77 degrees.
  4. Owners are responsible for damages to common elements areas incurred while moving in or out, deliveries by vendors or during remodeling. Owners will be assessed for the cost of repairs, plus a fine if determined by the board.
  5. Water heaters more than 7 years old must be inspected annually by a licensed professional. When replacing the water heater, a pan must be under the water heater, per code.
  6. Stainless steel flex hoses must be installed on the water supply faucets in the laundry room of all units.
  7. Any vacant/unoccupied units, even for one night, need to have the main water and electricity to the hot water heaters turned off.
  8. Unit owners may only use outdoor carpeting on lanai. Carpets must be picked up or rolled up and placed inside the unit when the unit is unoccupied.
  9. Owners may not plant flowers, bushes, trees, or any other plants on the grounds, in any other common areas, or limited common areas on association property. The Board of Directors must approve any changes to the landscaping of the grounds and such changes must be implemented by the Association, not by individual owners.
  10. Unit owners must submit to the Association the company, person or local emergency contact information, who provides condo watch or storm assessment when owners are away.
  11. A designated person for condo watch is required. Each owner must provide the office with a designated company or person for condo watch for the office to reach in case of an emergency. An emergency/storm assessment fee of $60 will be billed to homeowners if the association has to access condos for storm assessment.
  12. Except for ordinary household cleaners, flammable, combustible, explosive material cannot be kept in the unit.
  13. All units will be used for residential purposes only.




  1. No major renovations are permitted between December 1st and May 1st of each year. A major renovation would be a project of more than one day duration involving any construction activity generating noise outside of the unit. Generally, this would involve the repair or replacement of walls, flooring, ceilings and kitchen and bath cabinets, but not limited to those projects. Specific construction activities that would not be allowed would include jackhammering, hammering, drilling, sawing or pounding of any kind. No work should be allowed outside the unit to prepare materials for unit installation during that time.
  2. If the owners themselves are performing work in their unit, all relevant rules apply.
  3. No unit owner shall make any alterations to their unit that would impair the structural integrity of or lessen the support of any portion of the condominium building. This would include load-bearing walls and walls that may contain shared vertical sewage pipes, fiber networking, and the like.
  4. All workmen, contractors, and vendors working for a unit owner must be registered in the Managers office, submit all plans to the office for Managers approval and Board of Directors when necessary, submit a copy of their current certificate of insurance coverage to the Managers office, be licensed and/or registered by the state and/or town and obtain and have all required permits visibly posted in a unit window facing the outside walkway.
  5. Renovation work can start after 8:00am and must be completed by 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Common areas must be cleared and free of debris at the end of each work day. No renovations are allowed on Sunday. Failure to do so may result in a fine.
  6. Owners are required to install suitable sound proofing under any new ceramic tile or any other hardwood flooring material for floors 2 thru 9. The minimum requirement is Proflex 90 MCS or its equivalent. Ground floor units will require application of a vapor barrier product, such as Proflex MS225 or its equivalent, before installing any ceramic tile or other hard flooring materials and be inspected by the Sandarac Manager prior to installing the flooring.
  7. Large Dumpsters and PODS must be placed within designated locations. See property map or property manager for locations.
  8. No debris, construction, or otherwise may be thrown from the building.  As an exception for this current summer season of 2018, soft, shatter-proof material that is bagged in construction-strength bags may be discarded from the second floor only by the use of a slide going into a dumpster-like trailer, with prior approval from manager.  Any dumpster-like trailer mush be moved to a designated spot by the end of the day.




  1. A unit cannot be rented for a period of less than 30 days or one (1) calendar month, whichever is less. Maximum occupancy is six (6) for two bedrooms and eight (8) for three bedrooms. Owners will be assessed a $100 per day fine for any rentals which do not meet the requirements of this rule. Subleasing is not allowed.
  2. Anyone who stays at least one night who does not own a condo is considered a “guest on the premises” and must register with the office. This includes relatives, friends of the owners, or anyone staying in the condo if the owner is not occupying the unit with them. The website has pre-registration capabilities and the owner is responsible for informing their guests and renters to pre-register. All renters and guests must complete the registration process at the building manager’s office upon arrival. If the office is closed, a supply of registration cards is located by the office door. The completed card should be dropped through the mail slot. Unit owners who have a rental car will need to register their vehicle with the office and obtain a parking pass.
  3. Renters, tenants or guests may view all the rules and regulations on our website or obtain a copy of the rules and regulations from the building managers office upon arrival and or checking in and they must familiarize themselves with its contents. Behavior of renters and guests is the responsibility of the unit owner. The tenant and guests must follow the same rules and regulations that are in place for the owners.


Fees – All fees are per occurrence, unless otherwise noted
1 Property Transfer Fee For transfer of a condo  $    100 
2 Estoppel Letter For transfer of a condo  $    250 
3 Late fee – Quarterly    $      60 
4 Pet Violation Failure to clean up, per incident  $      50 
5 Parking Violation First offense, per day  


6 Parking Violation Second offense, per day  $      50 
7 Parking Violation Third offense, per day  $      75 
8 Parking Violation 3rd Offense, per incident  Towing 
9 Construction Violation First offense, per day  


10 Construction Violation Second offense, per day  $    100 
11 Construction Violation Third offense, per day  $    100 
12 Other Rule Violation First offense, per day  $      50 
13 Other Rule Violation Second offense, per day  $    100 
14 No keys/code on file with the office    $      50 
15 New mailbox lock    $      20 
16 Lobby Keys    $      10 
17 New FOB    $      25 
18 Reprogramming FOB    $      10 
19 Storm Assessment Fee    $      60 
20 Insufficient Funds    $      15 





The building door key will provide access to the Social Room for all owners and renters. The Social Room will be available at all times between 8:00am & 11:00pm. The key to the equipment room in the Social Room will be in the possession of the management and Board of Directors. The equipment room will be locked at all times.


  1. Reservations can be made for four (4) consecutive hours between 8:00am and 11:00pm unless otherwise approved by Association Management.
  2. No more 38 people can be part of a Social Room function except for official Sandarac Association sponsored events.
  3. Advance reservation must be made with Management and will be confirmed on a “first come first serve” basis. The Sandarac Association – sponsored events have priority for use of the Social Room
  4. A $50 deposit is required at time of reservation by cash or check. Any cost for cleaning, repair or replacement or any damages or breakage during use will be deducted from the deposit and if the damages exceed the deposit amount the charges will be billed to the individual who reserved the Social Room.
  5. Live and electronic music be kept at a decibel level that does not disturb residents in the condominium.
  6. All items brought in for a function such as decorations, eating utensils etc. must be taken away. Kitchen must be cleaned, and no food left in the refrigerator. Trash should be put in plastic bags.
  7. Lights and appliances are to be turned off and all doors to the Social Room must be locked.
  8. The Social Room cannot be used for any occupant who is wearing a wet bathing suit. The right to use the Social Room does not extend to permit any guest to use the swimming pool.






Observe posted rules. Pool Hours: 9:00 am to Dusk.

Warning- No Lifeguard on Duty, Emergency Medical Service CALL #911

Lap Swim Time: 9:00 am to 10:00 am.



  • Use restricted to residents, renters and guests only. Max. 27 people.
  • Use pool at your own risk.
  • State law requires that swimmers shower before entering pool.
  • Persons with open cuts, sores, rashes, diarrhea or communicable diseases are not permitted in pool.
  • Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.
  • Children in diapers must wear swim diapers.
  • No diving.
  • No swinging or jumping off pool ladders.
  • No walking, sitting or standing on the rope.
  • No floats, inner tubes and other large pool toys are allowed in the pool.
  • No horse play, running, jumping or screaming.
  • No radios, or stereos (except with headphones).
  • No food or glass in the pool area.
  • No pets in pool area.
  • No smoking in the pool area.
  • No drones.
  • Deposit all trash in containers provided.
  • Reserving of pool furniture is not allowed.
  • Do not remove furniture from pool deck.