Rental Properties

Sandarac Units

Rentals at The Sandarac are handled through real estate agents or by private owners.

The management at The Sandarac knows how important your vacation is to you! And your satisfaction is important to us!

To make sure that all rental policies and rules are fully understood and agreed upon, we ask that you read this document in its entirety before contracting with any of our vacation rental  condos.

List of Properties – click on unit number for full description and images.


 206B  303A  403A  5th Floor Bldg. A












307B  509A  710B

All rentals are a minimum of one month and are subject to local and state taxes. The two bedroom units are limited to six people and the three bedroom units are limited to eight people. No pets are allowed, and all guests must register at the office upon arrival.


Owners – to make changes to your listing or to add your property, please email  webmaster

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